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Disclaimer and information

The services and information provided by Shiela's Shaman Shack is intended to be supportive in nature and not offered as any guarantee to heal any condition.  There is no intent to replace medical advice or treatments, counseling or mental health services nor make any offer for such diagnoses.  There is no offer of medical, psychiatric, or psychological products or services.  Severe conditions or any that may arise of a physical, mental, or psychological nature need to be treated by a professional.

Offering of services and information from this site are based on personal experience, energy trainings, and self expression of the energy guide.  While there are many other modalities and forms of support available elsewhere, those offered here are not intended to cover all aspects of self-transformation or self-healing.  

Shiela's Shaman Shack does not promote any particular teaching, doctrine, or school of thought.  We consider ourselves non-denominational holistic practitioners.  Our only qualification is our intention to create a platform of self-transformation through offering our personal services to others, based on "what is working for us".

Participation in any service is of individual choice and Shiela and those directly affiliated with Shiela's Shaman Shack are released from any responsibility in any way now or in the future for any changes one may experience.  Shiela does not provide medical diagnosis or consultations related to health, medical, or psychiatric issues.  The programs available and information provided are considered alternative energetic clearings and activation modalities and while participants may experience healing effects, the methods are considered complimentary to professional services and should therefore not replace any medical or mental health related advice given by a doctor and/or other professional service provider.